Okay, listen. I'll admit it: I've been known to use the word delicious on more than one occasion when describing a baby. Or yummy, or edible. Scrumptious, even. And I've nibbled on more than my fair share of baby thighs, especially now that I have a pair crawling around my own ho
She looked right down the center of my lens, as though she was peering into my soul. I snapped a few frames before the moment escaped us and then looked at her mama with my eyebrows raised. It's unusual to get that kind of eye contact with a newborn -- something far beyond a simp
I have no apologies. I rarely see a gym or a yoga studio these days, my husband and I now consider late-night home-cooked dinner + a glass of wine a date, I am nearly a year behind on the blog, but...you know what? We're happy. Hopelessly so. We have an eleven month old who is so
A great deal of care went into designing this beautiful wedding. I choose the word design here very deliberately because any guest that day would agree that the bride, Melissa, went above and beyond mere planning; each detail was chosen thoughtfully, curated with a sophisticated
Twenty-seven days. That's how long we were in Europe this summer, re-learning the art of appreciating stillness, of really tasting our food, and seeing new places and things through the fresh eyes of our ten month old. It was restorative to leave behind typical worries, even in e