Twenty-seven days. That’s how long we were in Europe this summer, re-learning the art of appreciating stillness, of really tasting our food, and seeing new places and things through the fresh eyes of our ten month old. It was restorative to leave behind typical worries, even in exchange for new ones (like how to get a month’s worth of luggage and a baby in a stroller over the dozens of steps and bridges to our hotel in Venice). And although the entire trip was a luxury, the real richness for me came in slowing down just enough to really watch our son develop, to see how he blossomed when both of his parents were there with him, day and night. It was the abundance of time that felt really indulgent — and I would trade it for absolutely nothing.

Because they grow — so very fast. Little Lillian here just turned a year old. I’m willing to put money on the fact that her parents are marveling at how quickly that happened. And that’s why it’s important to spend time doing just this: photographing the stages, the changes, the details. Before you know it, her gummy smile will have little chiclet teeth; her pudgy baby rolls will become leaner and leaner until she’s able to do a full run into your arms; and her tiny little hands will be reaching for your car keys.

So: enjoy every opportunity to indulge in time. Bask in it. xo