Article Title: Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle Portraits

As mama to two little boys, I’ll be the first to admit that life is messy, chaotic, and never quite as pristine as the photographs seen here. But that doesn’t make these captures dishonest. It means that for just a few minutes, under the soft light of a sleepy sun, we were able to distill away the distraction. To give you the space to delight in each other. I believe there is a real sense of magic, serenity, and wonder in the imperfect blur of daily life. I’m here to draw that out.

It’s my favorite part of it all, really – watching for the in-between moments. The unexpected expressions and gestures caught on the exhale, when you think I’ve moved on to something else. Whether you best connect with snuggles or silliness, I will guide you to interact in ways that feel authentic to your relationship. And then, I’ll wait for you to relax into it. The hope is that you’ll shrug off the pressure to perform or look perfect, and enjoy the sweetness that unfolds around you.

In the end, I want to create portraits that make you feel. Full stop. It’s not always easy – in fact, if littles are involved, it’s usually not – but it’s always worth it.