chantal-and-familyoh hello…and welcome, lovely. I hope you’ll sit down and stay awhile. I’m Chantal, a portrait photographer living in Bethesda, Maryland, and I’m so very glad you found your way here.  The stories I tell through my images make up a precious corner of my world, and I hope you’ll feel right at home as you meander through them.

I like to think of my style as sweet and timeless, easy. A Sunday morning stroll. A perfect slouchy sweater. A pinch of fine art and a dash of editorial. Time stood still, for just one blissful moment. When I tell your story, I will do so in a way that is soft and emotive, full of belonging and light. I will illustrate the sweetness of your connection in a simple, sophisticated manner. When you look back at the photographs of your wedding day – or your blossoming belly – or those first few days with your beautiful baby – I know they will remind you how deeply you have loved, and been loved.

This is why I do what I do.

I’d love to create a collection of beautiful images for your walls and coffee tables. If you find yourself connecting with my work, be sure and say hello.