I believe in preserving beauty. In displaying memories that remind us where – and to whom – we belong.

For that reason, I offer a full service experience. From the planning to the photoshoot to the printing, I will be by your side to take care of all the little details. I have been mindful to select artisanal vendors who really know their craft. Everything is created by hand – heirloom albums and print boxes, framed prints and canvas – and constructed with supple leathers and fine linens that will stand the test of time. You can rest easy knowing your images will not only print beautifully, but to specification – carefully color corrected and preserved on luxe archival papers.

For all the love you’ve poured into your family, you deserve more than just digital files. Consider it a gift back to yourself. You are absolutely worth the investment.

Chantal takes on a limited number of clients each year to ensure each receives the beautiful product and personalized attention they deserve. Portrait sessions begin at $875 and do not include digital files. Please contact Chantal directly to inquire about wedding collections and availability. 

Article Title: Details

I believe in touch and tangibility. It can stimulate memory in an utterly beautiful and visceral way. There’s something so nostalgic about pausing to hold a photograph between one’s fingertips, rather than swiping quickly to the next screen. It makes us feel as though we are back in that sweet moment; it transports us. Yes, there is ease and accessibility in digital media, but it simply does not carry the same emotional impact. Along with your investment in beautiful imagery, I hope you will grant yourself the space to be sentimental. To print your photographs – to hold them – to remember. Color your walls with sweetness. Treat your photographs like art. There is so much value in distancing ourselves from our screens and honoring this medium as it was meant to be appreciated: in print.