I have no apologies. I rarely see a gym or a yoga studio these days, my husband and I now consider late-night home-cooked dinner + a glass of wine a date, I am nearly a year behind on the blog, but…you know what? We’re happy. Hopelessly so. We have an eleven month old who is so full of light and joy that it literally brings to me to tears. And I’ve somehow managed, in the first year of motherhood, to grow a fledgling business into a robust one without putting Miles into daycare.

I was pretty pregnant when I photographed Hudson, and I remember exchanging stories and advice with his beautiful mama during our session, in anticipation of Miles’ birth. I had no idea, at that point, how I was going to juggle it all, and I recall laughing carelessly and saying to her that I’d figure it out somehow. The truth was, I was terrified. Not so much of motherhood and having a little one to care for, but more so of losing myself and everything I had worked so hard to achieve in the last year.

I realize now that the things that really matter won’t slip through the cracks, because we aren’t wired to allow them to. So even though I’m a season behind on my favorite tv shows and the blog is a little backed up, I feel as vibrant as ever.  (Okay, maybe a yoga class or two shy of vibrant as ever, but you know what I mean.) Pretty darn happy, and the absolute luckiest. xo