Their love is simple and straight-forward—connection in its purest form. You can see it when they look at each other: there’s something unspoken, but unmistakable, a quiet respect and tenderness. And it spreads beyond them, to their family, their friends; Liz and Tom are surrounded by community. It was an honor witness when they wed, and even more so to tell their story today with these images.

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We thought we’d timed it perfectly–I’d have wrapped up wedding season, and certainly I would have found my rhythm with my fledgling business by then. So, when we learned we were expecting — and due on a weekend I’d booked not one, but TWO weddings — we realized we’d toasted to our “perfect” plan a touch too soon.

But there’s never an ideal time to have a baby, right?

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There’s something really beautiful about unconventional, intimate weddings. They’re less cookie-cutter, more focused on the details, more tightly knit. When Meaghan and Chris described their vision for their small, September wedding on the Eastern Shore, I knew it was an affair I wouldn’t want to miss—even though my newborn would be only three weeks old at the time.

So, camera in one hand and pump in the other, I made my way to the serene, waterfront property where the couple was getting ready. Right away, I could feel the sense of family that resonated among the guests, and despite having been hired to document the occasion, I was made to feel like kin. I was grateful to spend my first several hours away from my son with such a lovely crowd.

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a be-still-my-heart coral engagement

It was made very evident to me recently, at my baby shower, that I have made my aesthetic very obvious to my nearest and dearest. Gift by gift, as I unwrapped little bits of loveliness for my sweet baby-boy-to-be, I realized that even gifts purchased outside of my registry were in colors that make me swoon. So you can imagine my surprise & elation, when — by chance — I was handed the most beautiful coral and teal engagement session EVER. My very favorite colors.

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a waterlogged wedding: Margaret + Todd take Bethesda by storm

I recently commented to Margaret and Todd that if their wedding day was any indicator, their marriage was going to be off-the-charts fun. And I meant it: these two are wild about each other, thrive off each others’ laughter, and are against-all-odds committed to turning every lemon they encounter into the most succulent of lemonades.

So, when overcast skies gave way to rain – right in the middle of their family and wedding party photos – they donned their biggest smiles, passed around adorable (and matching, I might add) grey umbrellas, and kept going. They might have hoped for sun, but you’d never know it, looking at the images below. And although it meant a wet hour or so for this photographer,* I have to admit they’re some of my favorite images in the bunch. Besides, what’s a little rain on the happiest day of your life?

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