celebrating love (and not just weddings)


This sweet couple holds a special place in this little photographer’s heart. They were my first — the first to entrust me with the incredible honor of telling the story of one of the most memorable days of their lives. At the time, I was a student with mostly rented and borrowed equipment, a basic knowledge of photo post-production, a shocking lack of physical stamina for the amount of gear I was carrying around — and a huge, absolutely heaping dose of heart. Thank goodness they saw some potential in me, and what an a amazing couple with whom to kick off this journey.

CLP was only a notion at the time – no official LLC, no wedding collections, and certainly no blog – so today’s anniversary post is a big ol’ thank you for waiting a whole year to see your photos blogged, Emily & Justin! It’s also a nudge to the rest of us – a little reminder – that love and union are even greater causes for celebration than the wedding day, no matter how momentous that day may seem.

E&J, thank you for putting your faith in me from the very beginning, and for continuing to be among my biggest fans! Rest assured that I am among yours, too (smile). XO