brody and his bubbles


This. This is why I love my job. Because even though I guide my clients toward beautifully lit areas, and suggest ways they can better position themselves in front of my camera, there’s no staging or faking the joy and connection that’s captured once my shutter clicks. And it’s in every darling moment I shared with this blue eyed family of three.

Brody is a grinning, giggling, mop of curls two-year-old with the most contagious enthusiasm for the world. Rebecca and Jason, his adoring parents, won the lottery of toddler cuteness, that’s for sure, and we squeezed out every ounce of it that we could in the setting spring sun. Even in his quieter moments, he engaged fully with those piercing blue eyes, rendering some of the sweetest photographs that I know his family will cherish.

But my very favorite part of our session was watching Brody and his bubbles. They brought a sense of calm over him, a kind of wonder, and as he stretched his sweet, pudgy little hands toward them, all I could see was magic. Sparkling eyes and gleaming bubbles and the last rays of evening sun. Perfection. xo