waiting for baby


There was a time when I came home from work each day feeling unfulfilled and restless.  I felt disconnected and uninspired, and I wondered how my educational journey — which had molded and sustained me — had led me to a string of nine-to-fives that left me feeling so blasé about my role in the world. It was aggravating, on good days; on bad, simply demoralizing.

Now, my every morning presents an entirely different scenario. I have rediscovered my fondness for storytelling, and find great joy in presenting the beauty in others’ lives through my unique and imperfect perspective.  What a privilege, really, to gain that kind of access: to share tender moments and witness others’ humanity at such a close distance.

I see it most in expecting parents. They embody a strange and beautiful mixture of anticipation, gratitude, and wonder as they prepare for the changes that baby inevitably brings. Fleeting moments of raw emotion grace the space between us, and that’s all it takes for me to know I’ve finally found my niche.

It was especially meaningful to photograph Merlyn and Vincent, whose little girl is due to arrive any day now. Their connection is quiet but LOUD – so very tangible in every gesture, each glance. I couldn’t help but think she must be able to feel that in utero; she will be one very well-loved little.

The images that emerged from this session make me so happy – especially those that showcase a mama-to-be embracing her new and oh-so-gorgeous curves. Good for you, Merlyn. I hope you inspire other expectant mamas to do the same. Enjoy! xo