sea gulls & snuggles: an Annapolis engagement

I get it now. There’s a reason why everyone loves Annapolis. And, having grown up on the sea, I understand why people flock to harbor towns during the summer. But for the same reason, I also know why these charming little towns are such hidden gems in the winter: they are peaceful — deserted, except for the sea gulls — and they are breathtaking.

Annapolis is no different. It sparkles under the late afternoon winter sun. The water near the pier is a deep green-blue beneath the frosty glass that covers it. Boats are moored amidst cracking ice, and people say hello to each other from behind their scarves.

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say ‘cheese!’

Admit it: your child is more adept at operating your many digital devices than you are. It’s okay, really: if you look around you any day of the week, you’ll know you’re not alone. The way children absorb information is uncanny, and their ability to understand the role of technology in their little bitty lives is nothing short of astounding. So, I guess I shouldn’t have been terribly surprised when 20-month-old Oliver took one look at my fancy camera gear the morning of our session and knowingly chimed out, “cheeeeeeese!” (He then promptly darted away.)

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mornings with Amelia

There are times, when I’m photographing, that I get so wrapped up in the moment I go into overdrive: I see an interaction, a glance, a giggle I want to capture and I act with haste to ensure I get it. Sometimes, this yields exactly the result I seek; other times, it’s clear I acted on impulse.

I keep a small, white, porcelain snail atop my desk as a gentle reminder to slow. the heck. down. Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy your clients. Study the light. Frame your subject. And THEN press the shutter. Full stop.

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Pause. Forget, for a moment, that this is the time of year during which there are all sorts of built-in reminders to reflect on your good fortune. Pretend, for the afternoon, that your refrigerator is not full of Thanksgiving leftovers, your calendar is not full of festive celebrations, and your shopping list is not full of holiday gifts.

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my 10-month old boyfriend

I’ve always been a sucker for curls – especially on a darling, drooly-faced baby boy. Aman began flirting with me promptly upon my arrival, and well…that little monkey had me at hello. His twin brother, Tanvir, is equally adorable, and with his huge, smiling eyes, was quick to compete with his brother for my affections. The duo kept me on my toes for the better part of a warm, autumn afternoon; I was grateful to have such easy-going and patient parents on hand to help me manage all the cuteness. Anuja & Sanjay are a fantastic couple with an impressive reserve of energy for their little ones.

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