It’s a beautiful morning in DC: the sun is pouring in our windows and the city’s trees are swollen with lush, pink blooms, leaving a faint fragrance to perfume the air.  As my son sleeps soundly in the next room, it strikes me as an ideal time to look back on a lovely evening session I did last summer at the National Gallery of Art that seems especially “DC” to me.

I don’t often do portrait sessions like this one, mainly because so much of my time behind the camera is spent with wiggly babies and blossoming bellies. But that doesn’t mean I love sessions like this any less; in fact, Jana and I had a ball. I was so infatuated with the way the soft, diffused light kissed her skin, so energized by her ability to finesse the angles of her body just so in response to my coaching, that I could have photographed her all day. Not to mention the fact that Jana is just a beautiful person, through and  through; the warmth in her eyes is unmistakable, so much so that you can feel it in these photographs. Enjoy! xo