Oh, why hello! It’s been a rather long time, hasn’t it? I suppose it’s appropriate that my last musings were about a balancing act, about finding time to finesse various facets of my business amidst the beautiful mess of motherhood. Because now I’m so behind on the blog that I’m writing about sessions I photographed last July. But on the bright side—I’m writing—and the baby is napping. So…win for mama!

Besides, if anyone can relate, it’s Ryan and Ashley, whose second little love was born just this February. (As you can imagine, his blog post is rather backed up in my queue.) THIS session features life BEFORE two babies — when Kaylee was the star of the show, and Gavin was just a tiny dumpling growing in Ashley’s belly (and Miles a slightly bigger dumpling growing in mine).

For all of us, life has changed a lot in recent months—but beautifully so. There’s a lot more poop (yes, I said it) and a lot less sleep (oh, how I miss you), but there’s a reason we do the things we do: because when it all comes down to it, watching your baby beam from ear to ear after tasting her first bite of birthday cake will leave you bursting with love. It will fill you with unparalleled warmth and sunshine. You will want to memorize every moment, from the only-for-you smile that he flashes when you walk into the room, to the write-them-down-in-the-baby-book milestones. Every single second is singular.

To be honest, it’s deepened my love for what I do — for storytelling. Because our photographs are far more intimate and meaningful than mere documentation. They are our personal stories, our connections to the fleeting and the precious. What could be more important than preserving that? xo