keeping perspective


On some days, it’s difficult to feel the magic in owning my own business. Take today, for example. I’m surrounded by forms and paperwork, wading through the sludge of DC tax code to determine whether or not photography services — not products, like albums and prints — are taxable in the District. I spent 45 minutes waiting on hold for the Office of Tax and Revenue, only to learn I’m to report my tax collection monthly, not quarterly. And no matter how many accountants I speak to, no one can give me a straight answer about anything tax related because it’s just not straight forward.

Glamorous, right?

So, on days like this, when I’m ready to tear my hair out and admit defeat, I look for reminders as to why I made this jump in the first place. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to unearth some perspective. Because it’s my job to bottle up bliss and capture moments of unadulterated joy. Taxes aside, that’s a pretty sweet gig. xo

Homepage_Bridal-Hug_1* Photo taken while serving as second shooter for Kate Haus Photography.