a taste of success


There’s something really appealing about a collaboration in photography. Everyone does their own thing, exercises their own skills and talents; but in the end, each individual works toward the collective goal of creating something with great visual impact — a beauty and significance that, working solo, may have eluded each of the contributing artists.

Just at the height of the holiday season, Philip Bermingham and I spent a delightful afternoon – pre-dinner rush – photographing the chef and his gorgeous culinary creations at Capella in Georgetown. Although the endeavor was under the auspices of Philip’s business (for publication in The Georgetowner), my charming colleague was generous enough to let me get in there with a macro lens to pursue my nerdy and not-so-secret love of photographing food.

Philip’s portrait of the chef graces the cover of the December 18th issue, and (squeal!) below are the two from my time behind the lens that were chosen for publication…enjoy! xo