Truth: I am exhausted. Running entirely on toddler high fives and iced lattes and sheer adrenaline – the high that comes with creative exertion. I used to be one of those people who fell asleep within ninety seconds of my head hitting the pillow. Then, within the course of a dizzyingly short time span, I became a business owner in a creative industry, and the mama of a precious and precocious little boy. And all of a sudden, I find myself lying awake at night – not for lack of fatigue – but because my mind is on overdrive. All. the. time. Goals and to-do lists swirl around in my subconscious as I try desperately to coax my mind into dreamland: how do I grow the wedding side of my business? How do I market myself effectively to my ideal clients? How do I keep up in this field of round-the-clock creatives if I’m only able to work when my son is sleeping (i.e., next-to-never)?

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We blinked and a year went by. A year. A beautiful, exhausting, perfect whirlwind of a year. And if we were taken with you then, in that first moment, we’re completely overcome now. Smitten. Hooked. Wrapped around your tiny little finger.

In twelve months, we’ve watched you grow into a charming, silly, expressive, joyful, curious, independent little boy. You have this way about you…so full of vivacity, so much light. You wander and wonder with reckless abandon and share your delight with the world unselfishly.

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mornings with Amelia

There are times, when I’m photographing, that I get so wrapped up in the moment I go into overdrive: I see an interaction, a glance, a giggle I want to capture and I act with haste to ensure I get it. Sometimes, this yields exactly the result I seek; other times, it’s clear I acted on impulse.

I keep a small, white, porcelain snail atop my desk as a gentle reminder to slow. the heck. down. Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy your clients. Study the light. Frame your subject. And THEN press the shutter. Full stop.

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