I was told, once, that there was a certain sweetness to my images. It was at the start of this entrepreneurial journey, when I was still in school, and the words were uttered during a portfolio review by a gifted photographer whose eye is well trained and whose opinion mattered very much to me as a novice in his field. I was surprised by his comment at first, but soon thereafter, pleased; because although I’d never said as much aloud, sweetness is really what I’m after. It’s a quality I didn’t realize, then, was organic to my style as a photographer. With each photograph, I set out to create a beautiful mix of the fleeting and the stylized — a glimpse of your precious story without the clutter of everyday life. My hope is to give you the space to simply be present, while I endeavor to create something for you that is intimate and real and meaningful.

It’s enchanting, capturing the imperfect sweetness of human connection. Take this beautiful gift of a session, for example. It stands out to me, now, as a rare opportunity to have witnessed the beginnings of love in its purest form: to see the innocent joy of siblings meeting their new brother for the first time, fresh and swaddled and rosy and tiny. A perfect start to a new year, full of hope and innocence and newness – all things we desperately need more of. Looking back at their moments of wonder, I inevitably feel full and joyful. I hope you feel the same way, and find your year full of sweetness, to the very brim. xo