A blink and it’s flown by. One trip around the sun in practically an instant. That’s what that first year of marriage feels like, and I’m sure Amanda and Cameron would agree wholeheartedly, especially since that first year, for them, saw the birth of their second little boy. Their intimate farm wedding was just 365 days ago, but it could have been yesterday. So much joy has filled their lives since, yet what a beautiful thing for them to be able to look back through their album now, and remember what it felt like to wed their best friend.

The affair was sweet. It was small, home-grown, and full of beautiful, thoughtful details. But what I loved the most about their day (aside from the donkeys — I’ll get to that obsession later) was that they let me in. They gave me time. They understood that to walk away with lovely, authentic photographs, they had to bare their emotional selves before my lens. It was a real gift to witness their connection, and be granted the space and trust to document it artfully.

As for the donkeys, I was more than a bit infatuated, and would have taken them home with me right then if I could have gotten away with it. I’m crazy about every frame they’re in, not just because they’re utterly adorable, but also because they brought out a softness and playfulness in the bride and groom that lasted the rest of the day. Needless to say, if you think you might have a donkey or two on your big day, I’m your girl. Enjoy! xo


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