the beautiful unknown


I woke up this morning to a startling realization: today is my final day to hide behind the title of ‘student.’ Tomorrow, I am a business owner. An entrepreneur. A creative. A photographer.

And despite the trepidation, there is something delicious about the way those words float across my tongue. No more qualifiers – just me. Taking a leap, and waiting for the net to materialize below. Daring to fail, and loving every second of that terrifying and beautiful process.

Because that’s what it’s all about, right? The process. The beautiful unknown. The moments in-between, when no one else is watching – or maybe when everyone is watching – and you are owning every inch of your skin. Who cares about the missteps along the way as long as you find your way, however tentative and groping, to your happy place?

The horizon is infinite. Go catch yours. xo