I remember what it felt like, those last few days before baby arrived. Full of joyful anticipation for what was to come, offset by a bit of nostalgia for the last precious moments of our familiar life together as two. It occurs to me now, as I look through these images of another family in waiting, that the days leading up to number two must be infinitely more emotional. Sure, you’ve done it before, you have all the tools — but your first child is your world. Fills you, undeniably and beautifully, to the very brim. So how do you learn to share your love / energy / time / patience? To not feel guilty for bringing a new all-consuming love into the picture?

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waiting for baby

There was a time when I came home from work each day feeling unfulfilled and restless.  I felt disconnected and uninspired, and I wondered how my educational journey — which had molded and sustained me — had led me to a string of nine-to-fives that left me feeling so blasé about my role in the world. It was aggravating, on good days; on bad, simply demoralizing.

Now, my every morning presents an entirely different scenario. I have rediscovered my fondness for storytelling, and find great joy in presenting the beauty in others’ lives through my unique and imperfect perspective.  What a privilege, really, to gain that kind of access: to share tender moments and witness others’ humanity at such a close distance.

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