Oh, why hello! It’s been a rather long time, hasn’t it? I suppose it’s appropriate that my last musings were about a balancing act, about finding time to finesse various facets of my business amidst the beautiful mess of motherhood. Because now I’m so behind on the blog that I’m writing about sessions I photographed last July. But on the bright side—I’m writing—and the baby is napping. So…win for mama!

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Five months of juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship has taught me a lot of things, not the least of which is that there will be days when not a thing gets crossed off my professional checklist. Today has felt like one of those days—although if that was actually the case, this blog post would, admittedly, not exist. Some days, my little love will bounce away in his favorite chair and babble for the sake of hearing his own voice; he’ll nap on schedule and beam at me when we make eye contact. Other days, he’ll refuse to nap, demand that I hold him (while standing and bouncing) all day long, and cry with all of his might if I attempt to do otherwise. It’s days like this—when the balancing act seems completely untenable—that I must remind myself to breathe in, breathe out, and know how lucky I am to have the flexibility I do.

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the fleeting moments in-between

Apparently, three and a half year old Isaac was not really into the idea of a photo op the morning of our session — though he could have fooled me. Although he was adamant that he should swap out the sweet little blue and white checkered shirt his mama had chosen for his much preferred John Deere tractor tee, he was a perfect little gent for me from start to finish. Had I not been forewarned of his sour mood, I may never have known that he turned on the charm just for me!

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pink: it was love at first sight

I have big love for this family. Don’t get me wrong; I adore all of my clients — they’re why I do what I do — but there’s something about this close-knit little threesome that just puts a smile on my face and makes me feel at home. Maybe it’s because Mer & I go way back to a shared summer in one of my favorite cities, New Orleans; or maybe it’s the connection that’s developed over growing our first babies over the course of the same beautiful spring months; it’s probably both. But Merlyn and Vincent are a salt-of-the-earth, amazing couple to know, and it only got better when we added their sweet little Madison to the mix.

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new seasons of growth

I feel no shame in admitting it: I envy the ability of West Coast photographers to create sun-filled, dreamy images of 70-degree weddings and family sessions during what for us is the obnoxiously frigid dead of winter. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the winter light on the East Coast — it is gorgeous and unparalleled — I just find it hard to forget that in order to capture it, we come dangerously close to freezing off our extremities, every time.

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