There’s something really beautiful about unconventional, intimate weddings. They’re less cookie-cutter, more focused on the details, more tightly knit. When Meaghan and Chris described their vision for their small, September wedding on the Eastern Shore, I knew it was an affair I wouldn’t want to miss—even though my newborn would be only three weeks old at the time.

So, camera in one hand and pump in the other, I made my way to the serene, waterfront property where the couple was getting ready. Right away, I could feel the sense of family that resonated among the guests, and despite having been hired to document the occasion, I was made to feel like kin. I was grateful to spend my first several hours away from my son with such a lovely crowd.

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a waterlogged wedding: Margaret + Todd take Bethesda by storm

I recently commented to Margaret and Todd that if their wedding day was any indicator, their marriage was going to be off-the-charts fun. And I meant it: these two are wild about each other, thrive off each others’ laughter, and are against-all-odds committed to turning every lemon they encounter into the most succulent of lemonades.

So, when overcast skies gave way to rain – right in the middle of their family and wedding party photos – they donned their biggest smiles, passed around adorable (and matching, I might add) grey umbrellas, and kept going. They might have hoped for sun, but you’d never know it, looking at the images below. And although it meant a wet hour or so for this photographer,* I have to admit they’re some of my favorite images in the bunch. Besides, what’s a little rain on the happiest day of your life?

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three become one: an Annapolis wedding

We’ve gone over this before: everything about Annapolis makes me swoon. From its small-town, sleepy-Sunday-morning feel, and its sweeping vistas, to its charming homes on winding narrow roads. But even more than the town in which they wed, I love this wedding for the sweet sense of family and the attention to detail with which it was comprised.

The home where Laura and Carolina got ready, for example: perfection. Warm and rustic, it would have no other place than in a town like Annapolis. I fell fast for its stunning staircase, brick fireplace, and nautical touches that so aptly adorn a home that lives by the sea. It was a treat, to say the least, to photograph the bride getting ready for her vows there.

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sea gulls & snuggles: an Annapolis engagement

I get it now. There’s a reason why everyone loves Annapolis. And, having grown up on the sea, I understand why people flock to harbor towns during the summer. But for the same reason, I also know why these charming little towns are such hidden gems in the winter: they are peaceful — deserted, except for the sea gulls — and they are breathtaking.

Annapolis is no different. It sparkles under the late afternoon winter sun. The water near the pier is a deep green-blue beneath the frosty glass that covers it. Boats are moored amidst cracking ice, and people say hello to each other from behind their scarves.

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keeping perspective

On some days, it’s difficult to feel the magic in owning my own business. Take today, for example. I’m surrounded by forms and paperwork, wading through the sludge of DC tax code to determine whether or not photography services — not products, like albums and prints — are taxable in the District. I spent 45 minutes waiting on hold for the Office of Tax and Revenue, only to learn I’m to report my tax collection monthly, not quarterly. And no matter how many accountants I speak to, no one can give me a straight answer about anything tax related because it’s just not straight forward.

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