a noble belly

Since the beginning, I’ve loved shooting maternity sessions. Nothing has changed; in fact, I may love it even more now that I know what it feels like to grow a little person inside me. All the anticipation and love that’s felt when baby moves in those final weeks – gently reminding parents of her presence and imminent arrival – is so singular, such a joy to capture. It’s also why, as a mama-to-be, I wanted my own pregnancy documented. Because as Gabriela Mistral says, “Now my belly is as noble as my heart.” There’s simply very few things as beautiful as an expectant mother’s blossoming form and the flush of excitement shown by both parents as they await their little one.

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brody and his bubbles

This. This is why I love my job. Because even though I guide my clients toward beautifully lit areas, and suggest ways they can better position themselves in front of my camera, there’s no staging or faking the joy and connection that’s captured once my shutter clicks. And it’s in every darling moment I shared with this blue eyed family of three.

Brody is a grinning, giggling, mop of curls two-year-old with the most contagious enthusiasm for the world. Rebecca and Jason, his adoring parents, won the lottery of toddler cuteness, that’s for sure, and we squeezed out every ounce of it that we could in the setting spring sun. Even in his quieter moments, he engaged fully with those piercing blue eyes, rendering some of the sweetest photographs that I know his family will cherish.

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