three become one: an Annapolis wedding

We’ve gone over this before: everything about Annapolis makes me swoon. From its small-town, sleepy-Sunday-morning feel, and its sweeping vistas, to its charming homes on winding narrow roads. But even more than the town in which they wed, I love this wedding for the sweet sense of family and the attention to detail with which it was comprised.

The home where Laura and Carolina got ready, for example: perfection. Warm and rustic, it would have no other place than in a town like Annapolis. I fell fast for its stunning staircase, brick fireplace, and nautical touches that so aptly adorn a home that lives by the sea. It was a treat, to say the least, to photograph the bride getting ready for her vows there.

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celebrating love (and not just weddings)

This sweet couple holds a special place in this little photographer’s heart. They were my first — the first to entrust me with the incredible honor of telling the story of one of the most memorable days of their lives. At the time, I was a student with mostly rented and borrowed equipment, a basic knowledge of photo post-production, a shocking lack of physical stamina for the amount of gear I was carrying around — and a huge, absolutely heaping dose of heart. Thank goodness they saw some potential in me, and what an a amazing couple with whom to kick off this journey.

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before she weds

In days of old, when it was rare for couples to have their nuptials photographed, it wasn’t at all uncommon for a bride’s family to commission a photographer in advance of the wedding to create bridal portraits to commemorate the occasion. You’ve seen them – faded but treasured family heirlooms tucked away in your grandparents’ albums; blushing brides in black and white.

A modern take on this custom lives on today, mainly south of the Mason-Dixon line. I had the opportunity to capture bridals for Kelli on a very cold day this winter, just days before she wed — and what an afternoon it was. She was all smiles and butterflies, wearing her gown for the first time, and realizing how soon she would become a Mrs. Thank you, Kelli, for braving the snow and frigid air to grab some beauties in the oh-so-lovely winter light. You were a vision! xo

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sea gulls & snuggles: an Annapolis engagement

I get it now. There’s a reason why everyone loves Annapolis. And, having grown up on the sea, I understand why people flock to harbor towns during the summer. But for the same reason, I also know why these charming little towns are such hidden gems in the winter: they are peaceful — deserted, except for the sea gulls — and they are breathtaking.

Annapolis is no different. It sparkles under the late afternoon winter sun. The water near the pier is a deep green-blue beneath the frosty glass that covers it. Boats are moored amidst cracking ice, and people say hello to each other from behind their scarves.

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forgotten apples

Some days, life serves you an extra helping of happy. Such was the case on this hazy fall afternoon, which brought with it the perfect recipe of close friends, ethereal light, a rustic apple orchard, and (more than my fair share of) apple cider donuts.

I slung my camera over my shoulder that morning thinking it might be a nice opportunity to shoot a bit for myself. Just one lens; nothing fancy. But much to my delight, in between the forgotten apples and the savory donuts, a little love session emerged. Tanaz and Carlo live in South Sudan and Italy, respectively, so I don’t have the good fortune of seeing them very often — nor do they see each other as much as they’d like. So when I saw how the light danced around them that day (and through Tanaz’s gorgeous curls), I was relieved I didn’t leave my camera at home.

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