the fleeting moments in-between

Apparently, three and a half year old Isaac was not really into the idea of a photo op the morning of our session — though he could have fooled me. Although he was adamant that he should swap out the sweet little blue and white checkered shirt his mama had chosen for his much preferred John Deere tractor tee, he was a perfect little gent for me from start to finish. Had I not been forewarned of his sour mood, I may never have known that he turned on the charm just for me!

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baby Niklas and musings from a mama-to-be

Some babies are just meant to be in front of the camera. Niklas, with his sapphire eyes and infectious, tug-at-my-heart-strings giggle, is most certainly one of them. The morning of our session, it was all I could do to keep up with the cuteness each time his face lit up in response to Dora’s slobbery kisses or his parents’ snuggles. Not that I’m complaining (wink); he made my job rather easy. Needless to say – and I think we can all agree on this – Lauren and Eric have a little darling on their hands.

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pink: it was love at first sight

I have big love for this family. Don’t get me wrong; I adore all of my clients — they’re why I do what I do — but there’s something about this close-knit little threesome that just puts a smile on my face and makes me feel at home. Maybe it’s because Mer & I go way back to a shared summer in one of my favorite cities, New Orleans; or maybe it’s the connection that’s developed over growing our first babies over the course of the same beautiful spring months; it’s probably both. But Merlyn and Vincent are a salt-of-the-earth, amazing couple to know, and it only got better when we added their sweet little Madison to the mix.

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eight trumpets and a baby

Take my word for it: there is nothing cuter than a three-week-old baby flanked by her daddy’s prized trumpet collection. Who needs growth charts when you can measure height relative to trumpet length?

Gabrielle is one of the most easy-going infants I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Not even old enough to bare her newly formed belly button, she was more than happy to oblige for just about anything the morning of our session. Snuggles? Gladly! Nap time? Of course! Trumpets? Why, sure!

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brody and his bubbles

This. This is why I love my job. Because even though I guide my clients toward beautifully lit areas, and suggest ways they can better position themselves in front of my camera, there’s no staging or faking the joy and connection that’s captured once my shutter clicks. And it’s in every darling moment I shared with this blue eyed family of three.

Brody is a grinning, giggling, mop of curls two-year-old with the most contagious enthusiasm for the world. Rebecca and Jason, his adoring parents, won the lottery of toddler cuteness, that’s for sure, and we squeezed out every ounce of it that we could in the setting spring sun. Even in his quieter moments, he engaged fully with those piercing blue eyes, rendering some of the sweetest photographs that I know his family will cherish.

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