plus one makes three


Anyone who knows me will not be terribly surprised that expectant mothers are among my favorite subjects to photograph. I’ve always been fascinated by the capacity of the female body to transform and sustain new life. It’s such a precious time, full of moments just begging to be memorialized: the sound of the heartbeat on the fetal monitor, the flutter of the quickening. It can also be tremendously strenuous on the body, and by the time we meet around 32-36 weeks to document the experience, we may be faced with swollen joints, restrictions in mobility, and a subject who tires rather quickly.

But that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. When she looks back on these photographs, I want her to remember only the joys of her pregnancy. The graceful rise of her belly, the anticipation and pride in her eyes, the touch of her hand against her blossoming form.  My job – and oh, how I love it – is to ensure that, for a few hours, momma-to-be feels nothing less than radiant. We take it slow, keep her comfortable, and the resulting images tell a sweet, tender story.

Teresa makes pregnancy look sublime. She and her husband, Alex, are expecting their first child in early October, and we had a lovely time strolling the streets of Old Town, Alexandria during their maternity session last Saturday morning. We all eventually grew tired of the heat, so we wrapped up our time together in their sweet townhouse with their two adorable pugs. Please enjoy! xo