pink: it was love at first sight


I have big love for this family. Don’t get me wrong; I adore all of my clients — they’re why I do what I do — but there’s something about this close-knit little threesome that just puts a smile on my face and makes me feel at home. Maybe it’s because Mer & I go way back to a shared summer in one of my favorite cities, New Orleans; or maybe it’s the connection that’s developed over growing our first babies over the course of the same beautiful spring months; it’s probably both. But Merlyn and Vincent are a salt-of-the-earth, amazing couple to know, and it only got better when we added their sweet little Madison to the mix.

Exhausted as they may have been, these new parents personified bliss. The joy exuded in the room that morning was unmistakable, and made the yawns and sleepless nights that come with baby seem a small price to pay. And I think Madison could feel it…that everyone was relaxed, that she was safe and so well loved. Alert, curious, and content (not to mention oh-so-delicious in her attire), she made me forget how difficult newborn sessions can sometimes be. I know her tutu and silly faces will make you grin. Enjoy! xo