new seasons of growth


I feel no shame in admitting it: I envy the ability of West Coast photographers to create sun-filled, dreamy images of 70-degree weddings and family sessions during what for us is the obnoxiously frigid dead of winter. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the winter light on the East Coast — it is gorgeous and unparalleled — I just find it hard to forget that in order to capture it, we come dangerously close to freezing off our extremities, every time.

We’ve all had a long winter, and let’s face it: spring is delicious. It inspires and invigorates. It coaxes us out of hibernation, thaws our frozen ambitions, and sets us sprinting toward new seasons of growth. As much as I covet the consistency of California’s ever-balmy weather, I can’t deny my love for the distinct seasons and their role in propelling us forward.

So, be sure and celebrate the dawn of this beautiful season ahead. Embrace your inclinations to dream, push, and grow. And don’t forget, through all of it, that love is in the details. Enjoy every minute. xo