confessions of a budding entrepreneur


After nine months of full time photography school, my class celebrated yesterday morning with a small graduation ceremony. It was a nice moment’s pause, an opportunity to reflect on the growth we’ve experienced in such a short amount of time – sometimes with rather noticeable growing pains, other times with a surprising amount of finesse. It also served as an important reminder to continue to cultivate the artistic side of ourselves, knowing that our businesses will grow most in times when our creative souls are nourished.

I left the event feeling re-energized. Because as a budding entrepreneur, there is at least one moment a day when I am just plain scared. That clients won’t roll in, that people won’t connect with my work, that I’m not contributing enough to the greater good. I worry about cash flow, proper tax procedures, savings. Now that I run my own show, I sometimes struggle with self-motivation and time management.  Sometimes I wear my pajamas until 4pm. Okay, 5pm. And I spend too much time worrying about what people think about me and my career change, rather than relishing in the change itself.

But the truth is, I am so lucky to be in this space. To have the privilege to do what I love despite the risks of doing so. I am blessed to have the support of my sweet husband, my family, my friends, and to be in a situation that allows me the freedom to pursue this full time. How amazing is that?

Some days are going to seem insurmountable; I guess that’s true for any entrepreneur. But on other days, I get to stare through my lens into the hazy sunshine and watch beauty unfold in the world. My heart is brimming. What more could I ask for? xo