a be-still-my-heart coral engagement

It was made very evident to me recently, at my baby shower, that I have made my aesthetic very obvious to my nearest and dearest. Gift by gift, as I unwrapped little bits of loveliness for my sweet baby-boy-to-be, I realized that even gifts purchased outside of my registry were in colors that make me swoon. So you can imagine my surprise & elation, when — by chance — I was handed the most beautiful coral and teal engagement session EVER. My very favorite colors.

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sea gulls & snuggles: an Annapolis engagement

I get it now. There’s a reason why everyone loves Annapolis. And, having grown up on the sea, I understand why people flock to harbor towns during the summer. But for the same reason, I also know why these charming little towns are such hidden gems in the winter: they are peaceful — deserted, except for the sea gulls — and they are breathtaking.

Annapolis is no different. It sparkles under the late afternoon winter sun. The water near the pier is a deep green-blue beneath the frosty glass that covers it. Boats are moored amidst cracking ice, and people say hello to each other from behind their scarves.

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