You grew my heart the moment you took your first breath.

I remember marveling at your tiny, exaggerated features that night—learning the softness and contours of your sweet, wrinkly face—and realizing I had never before known my true capacity to love. You were brand new, yet so familiar to me, somehow, and nothing had ever made me feel so at home as the rise and fall of your breathing against my chest. I was so taken.

I still am.

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baby Niklas and musings from a mama-to-be

Some babies are just meant to be in front of the camera. Niklas, with his sapphire eyes and infectious, tug-at-my-heart-strings giggle, is most certainly one of them. The morning of our session, it was all I could do to keep up with the cuteness each time his face lit up in response to Dora’s slobbery kisses or his parents’ snuggles. Not that I’m complaining (wink); he made my job rather easy. Needless to say – and I think we can all agree on this – Lauren and Eric have a little darling on their hands.

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new seasons of growth

I feel no shame in admitting it: I envy the ability of West Coast photographers to create sun-filled, dreamy images of 70-degree weddings and family sessions during what for us is the obnoxiously frigid dead of winter. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the winter light on the East Coast — it is gorgeous and unparalleled — I just find it hard to forget that in order to capture it, we come dangerously close to freezing off our extremities, every time.

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keeping perspective

On some days, it’s difficult to feel the magic in owning my own business. Take today, for example. I’m surrounded by forms and paperwork, wading through the sludge of DC tax code to determine whether or not photography services — not products, like albums and prints — are taxable in the District. I spent 45 minutes waiting on hold for the Office of Tax and Revenue, only to learn I’m to report my tax collection monthly, not quarterly. And no matter how many accountants I speak to, no one can give me a straight answer about anything tax related because it’s just not straight forward.

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a taste of success

There’s something really appealing about a collaboration in photography. Everyone does their own thing, exercises their own skills and talents; but in the end, each individual works toward the collective goal of creating something with great visual impact — a beauty and significance that, working solo, may have eluded each of the contributing artists.

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