baby Niklas and musings from a mama-to-be


Some babies are just meant to be in front of the camera. Niklas, with his sapphire eyes and infectious, tug-at-my-heart-strings giggle, is most certainly one of them. The morning of our session, it was all I could do to keep up with the cuteness each time his face lit up in response to Dora’s slobbery kisses or his parents’ snuggles. Not that I’m complaining (wink); he made my job rather easy. Needless to say – and I think we can all agree on this – Lauren and Eric have a little darling on their hands.

My business calendar has been filled with newborns and toddlers recently…the result of the government shutdown, perhaps? Or maybe just a really cold, long winter? It’s hard to know exactly what causes these baby booms. But as I go through the images of all these littles, I feel the swell of my own moving around in my belly, and I can’t help but wonder what he’ll be like. How brightly his eyes will shine when he looks up at me…how his little body will feel against my skin, instead of wiggling around inside me…how joyful his smile will be when he first discovers his toes.

There’s so much magic to look forward to, sweet baby boy. And, who knows: maybe you’ll have eyes like sapphires, too…your mama can’t wait to find out. xo