Oh, 2014. You were an epic year, truly, both personally and professionally. Within the span of your sweet seasons, I grew a mama’s heart, a beautiful baby boy, and a fulfilling business. As I write this first blog of the year following your abundant beauty, I admit I do so with a touch of nostalgia, wondering if it’s possible to see another year filled with such richness. Yet, even as I write these words, I am energized by all the potential, conscious of the near perfection that is surrounding me, just five days into this new year: here I sit with my cup of tea, baby giggling in the background, warm afternoon sunlight on my shoulders, as I pursue this little dream of mine. Not a bad start. So, here’s a toast to the possibilities, to a promising dawn to a new year.

It seems a fitting time to showcase this lovely’s photographs; Jessica is a senior in high school, and primed to embark on a new journey as this chapter comes to a close. Full of quiet grace and not at all aware of how stunning she is, I got the distinct impression that she will shine in whatever she chooses to do in this next phase of her life. Enjoy…xo