These two. See how snuggly they are? And how beautifully it translates on camera? When we first started Liz & Tom’s engagement session, they didn’t believe they could make that happen. I remember smiling to myself as they nervously complied with my direction from behind the camera — a nuzzle here, a tender look there. They were convinced that they looked incurably awkward, but of course, that wasn’t at all the case.

What they learned, and what I am sure to explain to all of my filled-with-butterflies couples, is that engagement sessions are critical for building trust with your photographer–for giving you peace of mind that what feels so cheesy to you is actually rather lovely when it all comes together with gorgeous glowy light and just-so framing. It’s a practice run, of sorts, for all parties involved. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to canoodle with your sweetie for two straight hours, sooo…win-win, am-I-right? xo