and fine art portraits

As the mama of two little boys, I’ll be the first to admit that life is messy, chaotic, and never quite as pristine as the photographs you see above. But that doesn’t make these captures dishonest. Because although your feet may swell under your ever growing belly; although those first few days are surreal and sleepless; and though the quiet moments are few and far between, there is a real sense of magic, serenity, and wonder in the imperfect blur of daily life. I’m here to draw that out.


My approach to photographing families – whether in their earliest, budding stages, or six kids later – is a blend of lifestyle and fine art photography. I will endeavor to capture the essence of your connection through sweet interaction and a focus on details. It’s not always easy – in fact, it’s usually not – but it’s always worth it. My hope is that you’ll allow yourself to be present, unwind, and enjoy the sweetness that unfolds around you.