I have a special place in my heart for this sweet little nugget, who I've photographed since birth (see her newborn photos here). Gabrielle was six months old at the time of this session, and was nothing but beautiful baby squish, blue eyes, and lashes. And OH - that GLOW...can y


We blinked and a year went by. A year. A beautiful, exhausting, perfect whirlwind of a year. And if we were taken with you then, in that first moment, we're completely overcome now. Smitten. Hooked. Wrapped around your tiny little finger. In twelve months, we've watched you gr
Okay, listen. I'll admit it: I've been known to use the word delicious on more than one occasion when describing a baby. Or yummy, or edible. Scrumptious, even. And I've nibbled on more than my fair share of baby thighs, especially now that I have a pair crawling around my own ho