Did you know that at seven weeks, a fetus is approximately the size of a blueberry? The week before that, it's akin to a lentil. The first time I "met" little Amelia, she was much larger than a lentil in her momma's beautiful belly -- she was probably closer to an orange, or e
Pause. Forget, for a moment, that this is the time of year during which there are all sorts of built-in reminders to reflect on your good fortune. Pretend, for the afternoon, that your refrigerator is not full of Thanksgiving leftovers, your calendar is not full of festive celebr
I've always been a sucker for curls - especially on a darling, drooly-faced baby boy. Aman began flirting with me promptly upon my arrival, and well...that little monkey had me at hello. His twin brother, Tanvir, is equally adorable, and with his huge, smiling eyes, was quick to